Deep Tissue Massage in Auckland Vs Swedish Massage – Which Is Better?

Needless to say, we all know for a fact that there are innumerable kinds of massages, each with a different name and method. But predominantly they can be categorised into three types:-

  • Acupressure – It’s all about focusing on the pressure points of the body and aid movement of energy through the body.
  • Swedish massage – This kind focuses on improving the circulation of blood and relaxation of muscles.
  • Deep TissueDeep tissue massage in Auckland is all about an emphasis on the connective tissues and assisting in postures.

Deep Tissue Massage in Auckland

Out of these three, Swedish and deep tissue massages are the most used ones these days. But though there are subtle similarities between the two, there are also a vast number of differences between them.

Swedish massage

This therapy consists of a host of kneading movements, rubbing, and friction. With a combination of active and passive joint movements, stretching and bending is exercised. Also, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and body wraps are included in this kind of therapy.

Deep tissue massage

This type of therapy is all about stretching the fascia, a web of supportive tissues that binds all the muscles. It enhances freedom of movement by releasing muscles tensions and contracture. Also, it aids in healing scar tissues from injuries, inflammation. Through the use of fingers, fists, thumbs and forearms, the therapists stretch even the deepest layers of muscles.

Difference in affecting the body

Swedish back rub builds the dissemination of blood and lymph, which has the consequence of cleaning and sustaining delicate tissues- – the skin and muscle. It stretches and unwinds the shallow muscles and animates peristalsis on the insides. Profound tissue work makes smaller scale tears in the fascia, making muscles that are more adaptable, supple and have a more prominent scope of movement. For the most satisfaction, the customer must stretch routinely between sessions to retrain muscles and avert a repeat of muscle contracture.

Benefits –weighing them

Each type of full body massage in Auckland has its own benefits. Swedish therapy should be used to enhance the circulation of blood, pain relief, sound sleep and enhanced concentration. Deep tissue therapy, on the other hand, can be used to get relief from muscular pain to enhance posture. Athletes use this kind of massage in their offseason to help produce a change in movement.


Most people believe that Swedish massage is far more soothing than its therapeutic counterparts, but the truth is that both have equal benefits. If performed by trained professionals, deep tissue therapy is not painful at all because slow and long strokes are used according to client preference and threshold.

Yes, it’s true that each has its own distinctive aspects, but the truth can’t be denied that both kinds of therapies are equally relaxing. But don’t expect to get immediate results just after a single session because it takes time for your body to get accustomed to these therapies. Be regular and you can witness its benefits yourself.