4 Reasons for Taking Couples Massage in Auckland

Massage is a great way of pampering your body and mind. Sometimes it is necessary to break the monotony and make yourself, and your loved one feel relaxed and happy for nothing at all. Opting for this undoubtedly helps you to unwind and assists you in achieving new dimensions in your career as well as your personal relationships.  The couples massage in Auckland does just that and a lot more for you.  It is a general assumption among many people that a couples massage can be directed only to a romantic couple. But the good news is that this is not the case always.

This type of massage can be undertaken by any two people. You can be friends, cousins or partners in crime. Couples Massage is suitable for all of you.  In case you are thinking of a reason for going for this type of massage, let us tell you that you really don’t need a reason for going for this. But still, if you need any, below are enlisted some of the most common reasons for going for this type of massage.

  • Stress Relief – This may be the case that you and a friend of yours or your significant other or maybe you and your sibling are having a very stressful month and thinking of going for a massage therapy in Auckland CBD. Couples massage is absolutely ideal for you under such circumstances. Moreover, this can also be the case that the couple massage therapists come to your home. All you have to do is just give them a ring, and they will arrive at your place so that you can experience this within the comfort of your home.
  • Birthdays – It may be the case that it is your BFF’s birthday month and you are still out of ideas about what to present her or him on the special occasion. Well, booking both of you up for a couples massage is a great idea in this case. This will ensure that you enjoy the present too.
  • Mother’s Day – What more to do than treating your mum with great couples massage in Auckland. This is a golden opportunity to show how grateful you are to your mum for the years of toil, hard work and sacrifices that she has put in just to secure your future. She will be able to relax through this and at the same time enjoy your company too. So, this is a win-win situation for you.
  • Anniversary Gift – For all the love birds out there, this type of massage therapy in Auckland CBD is the one that you need to rekindle your feelings and passion that you have thought to have lost because of the regular work stress. This way you have an excellent opportunity to spend time together and relive your romance. You can also gift your close ones with this on their wedding day. Instead of presenting them with the traditional gifts that they will already get from others, this is something off the track that they will greatly value. Send them in for a comfortable massage therapy and let them rejuvenate their lives. They will definitely thank you for this.

The above are only some of the reasons that you can use for taking the couples massage. But this is bound to benefit you and will give you such a great experience that you won’t need excuses to take this massage again, once you have opted for this.


Psychological Benefits of Chair Massage in Auckland

While taking a stroll in the big city, you will come across many hoardings with advertisements of massage therapy. Massage treatments range from a reflexology session or a quick foot massage in the middle of a day of errands to an all day soothing experience in a fanciful spa. With all the physical and mental perks that a session of massage therapy is capable of offering it is easy to see that why it is so important for the business professionals. If you are thinking of a low-cost way to boost employee productivity the apt chair massage Auckland is the thing that you are looking for. From the large multinationals to the small startups all are adding up chair massage as one of the most vital parts of the corporate perks offered each year.

Chair Massage in Auckland

These days, massage is not delivered only in the beauty parlors and health centers. But you can also experience a short session in the airport while moving around the mall and even at work. The popularity of massage is rising each day because of the immense benefits offered by it.

Mentioned below are some of the vital perks that chair massage in Auckland has to offer to your executives.

• Alleviation of Stress – Stress is caused by the same chemical called cortisol, and while it is helpful at times when you need it, a greater amount of it can start affecting your health adversely. Even a 15 minutes long chair massage is capable of reducing cholesterol and thus, decrease stress level.
• Breeding Creativity – Research has pointed out that stress leads to a frantic mind that is less productive. Even a short period of chair massage is capable of making your mind relaxed, alert, clear and creative. Consequently, it helps your employees to open their minds and therefore creativity increases.
• Getting More Restful Sleep – The sleep-deprived staff will not be able to deliver to their full capacity. One session of chair massage can improve the sleeping patterns of your employees. This will ensure that they come back to the office with a fresh mind who will be able to tackle all parts of their job well.
• Boosting Productivity – A helpful session of chair massage just like the couples massage Auckland can produce mind-blowing results for you. By reducing the productivity and helping to manage stress, you can increase the productivity of your company. Just two sessions of 15-minutes massages can actually enhance alertness and brain power of your employees.
• Overall Health Benefits – Sitting in the chair can help you do away with all sorts of pain. This kind of massage can help you enhance muscle pain, fatigue, muscle tension and other kinds of ailments. Thus, with a single massage you can actually gain a lot.

The above are some the great psychological benefits that only chair massages are capable of providing you with just like couples massage in Auckland. With this type of massage, you do not need to travel to any place for getting a session. This also makes it accessible to those who are uncomfortable in undressing for a massage.

Things to Keep in Mind While Opting for Couples Massage in Auckland

A couple’s massage therapy is something that almost all of us are aware of. Whenever you intend to avail massage therapies, visiting a specialist or a massage centre is something that all of us think of. It is because they are the ones who would help us with the best and why won’t they? They are trained in doing so, and that is the reason they have a flourishing business to boast off. Centres for massage therapy in Auckland CBD specialise in various types of massage that focus on the needs of the body.

Couples Massage in Auckland

Massage is considered as an alternative medicine where there is no intake of medication physically, but an external pressure is applied on the pressure points to release stress. It could be a problem with the muscles or the joints, and thus, the right techniques used on it is likely to release the stress hormones and toxins to allow the body to rejuvenate.

How would you choose the right massage centre?

Couple’s massage is something that involves both partners to avail a massage in a single room. It includes an intimate ambience where the right settings and the mood allow the couple to feel relaxed in the presence of each other. To choose a massage centre for such activities, it is important to look around well and not fall prey to anything unproductive.

Watch out for the qualifications

Not all massage centres for massage therapy in Auckland CBD claiming to help out with couple’s massage is likely to give the right services or have trained masseurs. You need to ensure that the masseurs in the massage centre have the right qualification and have prior experience with massaging couples and helping them relax and rejuvenate.

Look out for the ambience

The ambience in the massage rooms also plays a major role in the massage session. The presence of dim light or candles with soothing scents in the air tends to have a psychological effect on the couple where they tend to feel closer to one another while getting their stress relieved in the most natural way in each other’s presence.

Check the fees that they charge

Even though they may help you and your partner to get the best couples massage in Auckland, they shouldn’t charge anything overtly pricey. You could consider comparing their costs with several others in your vicinity. Choosing the one that is moderately priced along with the best services would help you get the right deal rather than burning a hole in your pocket.

Consider meeting their clients

You may be able to acquire a list of names that include in the clientele list of the massage centre that you have chosen. Getting in touch with them and knowing their experiences would be a part of your homework before you avail their services. This would help you understand their experiences and accordingly go ahead in availing the massage services.

Speak to the masseur about what you want

Not all couples would want the same type of massage from the centres for a couples massage in Auckland. Some like it unclothed while the rest prefer being clothed. Therefore, it is essential for you to speak to the masseur before you take the plunge. Knowing the type of massage you want to receive and the types that they have to offer would help the three of you to come to a conclusion before your start.

Dos and Don’ts of Couples Massage in Auckland

Whenever the word “massage” is uttered in between couples, most think about the shoulder to shoulder rub. But this, in most cases, is not given in generosity. This is why instead of rekindling their love for each other they end up bickering about who got the massage for a longer time and who owes what to the other person. But couples massage in Auckland is capable of acting as a catalyst that assists in the resignation of your intimacy and trust. Offering a comfortable massage without expecting anything assures your partner and makes him or her feel amazing. Below are enlisted some of the dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind while getting involved in the couples massage.

Chair Massage in Auckland

  • Slow down – Many couples rush through the process of giving a massage. But one should understand that there is no point finishing the thing first. That is why it is essential that you make your partner and make them form the mood. So it is advisable that start with slow and gentle strokes. Your partner will also gain trust in this process.
  • Try to massage on the floor – Though the bed may seem to be a very good idea, the uneven and soft surface can hurt your back and the neck of your partner. The best position, in this case, is to ask your partner to sit on the floor in the cross-legged position in front of you while you kneel down on the floor. Just like chair massage in Auckland the position is very important here. You may support yourself on the cushions so as to take off the weight. This way you will get great access to your partner’s neck, arms, shoulders and upper back. But it is recommended that you should not offer this massage for more than 20 minutes as your knees will be stressed out by then.
  • Don’t squirt directly on the body of your partner – This may look great on the movies. But in real life, this feels awful. So first go for it squirt the oil in your hand and then rub your hands to warm them up. Then massage your partner’s back with it.
  • Don’t ignore the ambience – This is very important and you must keep this in mind. Tidy up the room where you will be providing the massage. Remove all types of clutter and trigger the various senses with accessories like soft music, light candles, burn incense and to serve chocolates and wine.